Nytia has developed an unmatched expertise to solve complex engineering challenges, providing its clients with high quality, cost-effective solutions.

Build To Print

An industry leader in the development and manufacturing of instruments for the Orthopedic industry, Nytia services encompass contract manufacturing and contract designing.

The Prototype Garage

The Prototype Garage is a standalone rapid prototyping cell at the heart of Nytia's standard production process to ensure fast delivery of production-equivalent, high-quality orthopedic instruments and implants.

Our Fleets

Starting from computerized engineering drawings or a just an idea, the design office generates specific manufacturing strategies for each industrial project.

Proactive Quality

The rigor of our quality management system and the exhaustiveness of our inspection systems allow us to deliver a very high level of satisfaction to our customers.

Supply Chain

As part of our 1-stop-shop offering, we strive to provide you with an array of solutions focused on simplifying your day-to-day management of inventory.

Fund Estimation

If you are fully aware of what you intend to manufacture, you need our free support services to let you know how much invest you need. Have a look and let us know if there is any question.