NYTIA Hip Nail System

NYTIA Hip Nail System


According to CDC data, hip fractures are the most serious and costly fall-related type of fracture. The Nytia Hip Nail System is a smart solution for the new world of healthcare, demanding clinical excellence at a bottom line that keeps our heads above water.

As the core of Nytia’s hip fracture solution portfolio, the Hip Nail System boasts unparalleled value and uncompromising quality in design and build. Radiolucent carbon-fiber jigs provide unobstructed views under fluoroscopy, while a pre-loaded cannulated set screw virtually erases fiddle-factor. The Nytia Hip Nail has one-meter curvature – a superb anatomic fit with fiscal responsibility.


  • 127.5°, 11mm diameter short nail (180mm).
  • 127.5°, 11mm diameter long nail (340mm – 420mm).
  • 10mm diameter lag screw (70mm – 120mm).
  • 1 meter curvature for optimal anatomic fit.
  • Pre-loaded cannulated set screw mitigates fiddle-factor.
  • Constructed of type II anodized titanium alloy for improved fatigue
  • Leverages the Nytia IM Nail System Instrumentation
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