Lumbar Inter-body Fusion Devices

  • PEEK-OPTIMA polymer with proven long-term bio-compatibility and a modulus of elasticity between cortical and cancellous bone.
  • Surface Ridges: resist implant migration while providing a broad surface area to prevent subsidence.
  • Central I-beam Design prevents de-formation during placement, and provides spacious compartments for bone graft.
  • Radio graphic Markers: Embedded tantalum pins precisely reveal the implant position on x-ray without obscuring the view of the healing fusion.
  • Surgeon Flexibility: straight and crescent options are included in a single case with intuitive and ergonomic insertion instruments designed for safe and efficient implantation.
  • Range of Sizes: available in 7mm – 15mm anterior heights in standard 1mm increments.
  • 8 Degrees of Lordosis provides for restoration of normal sagittal alignment when placed anteriorly, and for coronal correction when placed asymmetrically.

Offered in two footprints for optimal flexibility:

Crescent Lumbar Spacer:

  • Curved Contour facilitates placement at the periphery of the disk space for contact with the most dense end-plate bone.
  • 10 and 25 Degree Insertion Angles allow flexibility in surgical approach to minimize neural retraction.
  • Tapered Ends facilitate insertion and prevent end-plate violation.

Straight Lumbar Spacer:

  • Rectangular Shape Suited for oblique placement for single implant and parallel bilateral placement for two implants.
  • Dimensions 11mm x 30mm sizing allows for MIS insertion through tubes, minimal neural retraction, and superior end-plate surface area contact.
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