Nearly 80% of orthopedic and spinal implants are commodities but still come with unjustified price tags. Sure, innovation has a price and a premium. We support that idea because it drives better products, but it is important to drive the human race forward as well. People should no longer pay an arm and a leg for the very implants that go into them. Nytia innovation embraces both the delivery of high-quality products with life-changing costs, so everybody feels better. We call it ‘human pricing’.

In breaking with convention and leading by example, Nytia is proud to offer Construct Pricing™ across its entire spectrum of implants.

  • Forecast orthopedic implant costs with unparalleled accuracy and confidence
  • Substantially reduce time and resources spent on analyzing value and spend on implants
  • Drive transparency and accountability within your supply chain
  • Increase order accuracy while preventing unnecessary inventory buildup

One procedure, One Price.™ It’s that simple. Not only does Nytia already provide its customers with the power of value with its implants, we also make it easy to calculate as well.

If you are interested in raising the bar for value, contact us.